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Advertising services

Marketing agency Prisra is an official partner of Google, our specialists have certificates in various directions of contextual advertising.
Banner advertising

✓ Creating a Google Ads advertising account, making basic settings
✓ Selection of sites and auditoriums where banners will be displayed
✓ Creation of adaptive media banner ads
✓ Budget management, redistribution to more effective campaigns, ad groups
✓ Testing different banners, determining the most effective ones
✓ Monthly report on clicks, budget expenses, etc.
✓ Connecting and configuring Google
✓ Analytics on the site and its connection with the advertising account
✓ Setup and tracking of conversions, optimization of advertising according to goals
✓ Setting up a remarketing campaign for those who visited the site
Youtube Ads settings

✓ Selection of the target audience
✓ Setting up advertising campaigns
✓ Adjustment of budgets and expenses
✓ Setting metric systems, setting pixel
✓ Control and management of rates and displays
✓ Performance tracking
✓ Collection of keywords
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Contextual Google advertising from the Prisra marketing agency

By using professional support and help during the setup and further optimization of advertisements, you can achieve your goal. We follow all mandatory stages that will help bring your business to a completely new level.

Contextual Google advertising in Israel is necessary for every businessman, regardless of how popular his brand is among a wide range of consumers.

Contextual Google advertising is a valid solution for most entrepreneurs who will be able to diversify their customer base with new buyers. Our agency in Israel will help organize an effective advertising campaign capable of increasing sales and making your services truly popular among potential consumers.
Контекстная реклама Google от маркетингового агентства «Prisra»
Our services include:

· Google Ads settings. We conduct a detailed analysis of your main competitors and select a list of keywords for which your ad can be found in the search bar. In addition, our specialists will carry out careful control and further management of rates, impressions of ad data.

· Facebook Ads settings. In this case, it is advisable to conduct a careful selection of the target audience, to divide all consumers of the group according to interests. We will help you choose relevant and working placements. In addition, our team develops ads in an original style (corporate colors of your company, logo are taken into account).

· YouTube Ads settings. In the process, a mandatory selection of the target audience takes place. Then our experts create advertising campaigns, adjust budgets, and collect keywords. In order to check the "ability" of advertising, we monitor its effectiveness.