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Facebook Advertising for your brand

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Services for setting up targeted advertising

Marketing funnels

✓ Comprehensive strategy
✓ Video funnels
✓ Advertising with transition to chat
✓ Content audit
✓ Defining the audience
✓ Selection of content for audiences in the sales funnel
✓ Automation of the sales funnel
✓ Chat bots
Advertising on Instagram

✓ We will set up advertising campaigns
✓ The designer will develop creatives
✓ We will develop a unified style of advertising
✓ Selection of audiences, segmentation by interests, division into groups
✓ We will install Facebook Pixel, configure conversions
✓ We will set up web analytics, UTM tags

Recent cases

More than 100 clients entrust their advertising offices to our target specialists
Sale of red and black caviar in Israel
What was done: Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns were set up to attract leads to the chatbot.
Results: We received 388 customers at a price of $0.06 in the first 2 days in training mode
Organization of children's holidays
Developed : New Landing Page that increased conversion by 87%. Launched advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. 6 ad formats and more than 15 audiences have been tested.
Results: Received more than 150 targeted applications at a price of €4.88 in the first month.
Exotic tours
What was done: Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns were set up and launched to attract customers to exotic tours.
Results: Thanks to the new Landing page, the conversion price was halved. Retargeting campaigns converted on average 23% cheaper than regular audiences. In a month, we received 819 conversions at a price of €7.09
Sale of air tickets
What was done: Facebook advertising campaigns were set up to attract new subscribers to email newsletters with cheap tickets.
Results: Received 4255 new subscribers at a price of 0.18€ in the first 2 weeks

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