We will increase the number of clients and the volume of sales


We will increase the number of clients and the volume of sales
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The PRISRA team consists of marketers, designers, strategists and creatives, programmers who are united by a love of creating progressive ideas and bringing them to life. Every day we work to keep up with the trends in the advertising market and offer our clients innovative solutions and stable results.
Our online advertising agency helps to debug the entire chain of work with a client - from the first touch to repeated sales. We will build a systematic flow of clients for you. The site visitor, unnoticed by himself, will become your buyer. We take on not everyone, but only projects in which we are sure that we can give benefit.
The agency is located in Ukraine and Israel and we are ready for live meetings and discussions. You can always find out about the processes and results. You don't have to wait long for an answer. Your personal marketer (project manager) is always in touch in messengers.
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The Internet marketing agency is a team of experienced specialists, thanks to which we are able to timely fulfill the assigned tasks.
Our team is a second family in which everyone fulfills their task with pleasure. We have very clear criteria by which we recruit specialists, and humanity in this case appears on a par with professionalism. We always find a common language both in the team and with our clients, because we are sure that a friendly atmosphere has a beneficial effect on the quality of our robots. We are all right, we value and respect everyone, bullying is prohibited, but expressing yourself is encouraged. We do not have specialists who need to be dragged by the hand and forced to do something, we all move hand in hand in the same direction, with us you will feel as comfortable as possible.
Our motto is Care and Trust!)

Our If you want to get the best result from a well-planned advertising campaign, then you need to enlist the support of our professionals. The lead project manager will audit the advertisement and prepare the necessary recommendations for further improvement and promotion of the campaign.

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    Project Manager
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Реклама в Фейсбуке, настройка таргетинг
Chief Executive Officer
Контекстная реклама в гугл адс, настройка google ads
Project Manager
Project Manager
Social Media Manager
Software Development

Search Engine
Project Manager

Удаленные сотрудники в Израиле, бек офис
Sales Manager

2D/3D Graphic Designer
Content writer/Copywriter
Targeting/Traffic Manager

3D Graphic Designer


Content writer/Copywriter
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Creation of marketing videos from advertising agency specialists

"Prisra" is a marketing agency in Israel and Ukraine, which employs experienced professionals in their field. A team of professionals knows exactly how to competently promote your own business on the Internet and what methods are considered the most effective.

One of these methods is the creation of special marketing videos following certain steps:

· First of all, it is necessary to study in more detail all the features of the client's business, get acquainted with the list of his main competitors.
· The second step is to choose the right strategy for your future video marketing.
· Next, we are working on compiling a detailed script. In this case, it is necessary to work out in more detail the presentation of your business, discuss and demonstrate all the advantages that should be understood by the potential audience.
· Then, a marketing advertising video is created, and the client receives a full report on the work.
· Finally, our advertising agency offers the customer the management of the creation of an advertising campaign 24/7. In addition, we are actively looking for new clients for the successful conduct of your business.

Example of a commercial
Recently, an increasing number of businessmen have resorted to using video marketing as one of the main methods to attract a huge number of potential customers.

The main advantage of such online advertising is that the audience cannot hear and see at the same time. Such videos are adapted for different mobile devices, which significantly expands the capabilities of this ad.
Advertising agency "Prisra" will help you create a high-quality marketing video, taking into account the main features of your business, allowing you to attract more and more customers. Starting from the product development procedure, the entire production process is accompanied by our marketing staff. In addition, we offer a transparent pricing policy, and at each stage of the work performed, we provide periodic reports. Thus, our customers always remain aware of the implementation of specific tasks, will be able to monitor the results and make certain adjustments.

Setting up contextual advertising in the "Prisra" marketing agency

Contextual advertising is a popular type of advertising on the Internet, which is broadcast in accordance with the content defined by the context of the page. These can be all kinds of ads presented in the form of image ads, text ads or videos. Users will be able to see this type of advertising due to the entered search queries in Google.

The task of our specialists is to help carry out three basic and important actions:
· Make a competent setting of contextual advertising, which will be shown to the required target audience on certain sites.
· Perform optimization.
· Prepare an up-to-date set of keywords. The frequency of broadcasting your ad, as well as its exact "hit" on your client, will depend on the correct choice of "keywords" in the future.

There are several types of contextual advertising:
Such advertisements can be seen as a result of the introduction of certain searches on Google
Ads will be displayed on sites in mobile applications and on other resources that are included in the affiliate network of ad systems.
Ads are presented in video format. This type of advertising is considered to be interactive.
Special ads will be created, adapted for mobile applications in Google Ads
Our specialists offer their own services as a result of the following tasks:
· Setting up Google Ads.
· Setting up Facebook Ads.
· Setting up YouTube ads.

Getting started almost always implies a detailed analysis of competitors. This allows in the future to determine the strengths and weaknesses of competing firms, to get acquainted with the promotion methods that they use.

When it comes to contextual advertising on social networks, it is always important to select a potential audience of clients. The entire audience is divided by interests, preferences into certain groups.

The marketing agency "Prisra" will take full responsibility for the creation of a uniform style in the process of designing advertisements. The optimal combination of color shades is selected: these can be corporate colors of your company, which improves brand memorability.

Help in the development of sites and applications

Online selling and providing services over the Internet is one of the most popular ways of doing business today. To do this, you will need to have your own website. It should be a well-created website with high-quality content and original design, which will help to gather a huge audience of potential customers and buyers.

Marketing agency "Prisra" offers its own assistance in the process of creating sites such as:

· Landing Page - popular one-pages.
· Online stores of various goods - from food to household appliances.
· Internet portals with their own server room.

Our specialists carry out a comprehensive monitoring of your competitors' websites. This allows you to avoid possible plagiarism, as well as take into account the advantages / disadvantages of competitive companies.

Помощь в разработке сайтов. Сайт не продает
In the process of developing your own website, we pay attention to the following important nuances:

· Competent design development, taking into account the corporate color shades of your company, as well as taking into account the basic wishes of the customer.
· An adaptive website is being created that can be opened from various gadgets - smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops.
· Mandatory SEO optimization.
· High-quality filling of the page with necessary and relevant content.
· Creation of several necessary modules: quick search for the necessary information on the site, feedback.
· Integration of payment systems for successful purchases in online stores and instant payment for goods.
· Creation of a virtual basket where the customer can collect all their products.
· Management system for static pages and product catalog.
Huge competition in the modern "Internet world" forces many businessmen to abandon the idea of promoting goods and services online. However, our advertising agency will be able to prove the opposite: if you find the right approach to the situation and the way to solve the problem, you can increase the turnover.

Regardless of the specific category of goods or services provided, it is important to create a beautiful "wrapper", a picture, which is your site or an entire online store. Indeed, today most of the buyers prefer a convenient online shopping system, sitting on the couch.

Targeted advertising - targeted advertising, the action of which is directly directed to the target audience of customers. In social networks, users independently indicate all the necessary information about themselves: gender, age, hobbies, interests, place of work, city and country where they live. Therefore, it will be much easier for an advertiser to find a potential audience of customers with a specific set of targeting. As a result, the task of an advertising and marketing agency is to accurately determine the future portrait of a potential client, comparing it with the specified parameters. Thus, your ad will be shown exactly to the audience that was previously selected.
More details
The main benefits of targeted social media advertising:

· Huge coverage of the target audience of potential customers.
· The ability to personalize your ad.
· Convenient optimization of targeted advertisements.
· The ability to replenish your own client base without having your own website and a promoted group on social networks.

Effective promotion methods
If everything is more or less clear with Instagram and Facebook, then Tik-Tok is still an unknown platform in terms of actively promoting goods or services. That is why the specialists of the Internet marketing agency offer their own help for those who wish to familiarize themselves in more detail with the specifics of promoting their business on Tik-Tok.
To actively develop your business on Tik-Tok and increase your company's income, the Israeli-Ukrainian marketing agency offers the following services:

· Maintaining a client account - creating videos, hashtags, filming and creative presentation of video content.
· Assistance in setting up targeted advertising - we help to select an audience of potential customers, we launch optimized advertising campaigns.
· Selection of bloggers who can advertise your products or services provided.
· Hashtag challenges - selection of hashtags, bloggers, creation of interesting videos, editing and creative presentation of video content with its subsequent posting on your page is carried out.

We will help your company "break into" the advertising platforms of the most popular and widespread social networks in order to promote your brand.

Designer services from the advertising and marketing agency "Prisra"

The modern client has become quite picky about the ideal presentation of a product or a specific service. He was "spoiled" by a huge number of companies that, in pursuit of quality competition, offer their customers exquisite options for the original design. Thus, it has become quite difficult to surprise a potential audience.

An advertising and marketing agency provides its own services for each customer, taking into account his basic wishes: from the development of a company logo to the creation of a selling creative.

Every businessman knows very well that in order for a brand to work for you, it is necessary to invest a lot of creativity, effort and money in its creation and development. After all, branding of any company is an ideal working tool that allows you to manipulate consumers. The cost of a particular product increases significantly if this product is presented on the shelves of a popular company, whose brand is on everyone's lips.
In addition, our advertising agency in Israel offers the services of a designer who will perform 3D modeling. Such graphics are especially relevant in the following areas:

· in the field of advertising and modern marketing;
· In the process of creating high-quality animation;
· When creating computer games;
· In cinematography;
· In architecture and in the planning of interior design.
An advertising and marketing agency will help each customer find their own corporate identity and create a high-quality, memorable logo. To do this, our specialists carry out the selection of the layout, develop several options for the color palette at once, select the appropriate design. It is important to choose just such a style and a color scheme that will best convey to a potential client all the information about your product or services provided.

Website development and SEO-promotion from Web studio "Prisra"

Creating your own selling website is only 50% of the success in the development of your business, and the remaining half belongs to active SEO promotion. The full cycle marketing agency "Prisra" offers its own assistance during the creation of an original website, online store of services or goods that will be of interest to your potential audience.

In addition, our specialists are actively working on the comprehensive promotion of an already finished site in the Google search engine. To do this, you will need to do the following work:
· There is a detailed development of technical specifications (technical specifications) for all landing pages and articles that will be presented on your site.
· We are expanding the semantic core.
· Filling the page with high-quality content, as well as further checking the finished texts, possibly making changes.
· Employees of an Israeli marketing agency provide their own assistance in the process of finding and selecting the necessary keywords. This is one of the most important stages due to which your site will be visible only to a potential audience of clients.
· A careful selection of donor sites for the purchase of links is carried out.
· Webmasters carry out full quality control of the placement of links that were purchased earlier.
·· To maximize your external link profile (crowd links), you will need to select useful forums or directories.
· There is a thorough check of all SEO problems of the site meta tags, experts analyze their effectiveness.
· A check is performed for the occurrence of keywords in the pages.
· The analysis of the loading speed of individual pages, catalogs, categories is carried out.
At every step, there is a careful control of the work done. This eliminates the presence of a large number of errors.

Advertising agency in Israel and Ukraine "Prisra" offers its own professional assistance in the development and further promotion of your site to the TOP. The use of modern methods and methods of promotion contributes to a high growth in the popularity of your page among potential consumers. This allows you to increase the demand for products along with the number of sales in general.

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Providing additional services from the marketing agency "Prisra"

In addition to the main list of services aimed at creating and further promoting selling sites, a marketing agency in Israel and Ukraine offers its own assistance in the form of an additional package of services.

This list includes:
· Telemarketing, Call center services. Our team employs only experienced operators - incoming / outgoing calls from customers.
· The sales department offers a comprehensive audit. We will help you develop a sales funnel, write scripts.
· Creation of creative advertising videos.
· Back office services - work of remote employees. This is an excellent solution for those who choose to save their own finances without giving up on business development.

Marketing agency "Prisra" has specialized in online sales and marketing for a long time. For more than 5 years, our team of specialists has been actively working to ensure that your business brings maximum income and is considered truly profitable. To do this, we regularly analyze and monitor the markets of Ukraine and Israel.

Call center services

Internet marketing agency "Prisra" offers its own services of Call-center employees, whose main task is to establish personal contact with a potential consumer. Thus, the client gets the opportunity to ask for help, advice at any time of the day or night, receiving the necessary information and answers to his questions.

We offer our own services in the form of:

· Automatic dialing of clients. This service is provided on an outsourced basis. As a result, customers receive useful information about new products or services, upcoming discounts, promotions and other interesting offers.
· Warm and hot calls. Call-center employees call customers who previously ordered products from you, used services, but for some reason stopped doing it. Conversation with a potential audience of clients who independently show interest in your goods and services.
· Cold calls. We make calls to potential customers who have not yet heard about your products or services.

All this is aimed at additional hidden advertising of your brand and goods / services in general.
More details

Complex audit of the sales department

The sales department must work to establish contact with the buyer, who is a potential consumer. It is important to correctly and unobtrusively tell about your products or services. Moreover, there should be no open advertising, which almost always causes negative emotions in customers, pushing them away from the buying process.

To do this, a marketing agency in Israel uses all sorts of time-tested working methods, as well as new approaches, in the process of working with a potential audience.

Creation of promotional videos

Presenting a new product or service in video format is an excellent solution for novice businessmen, as well as for already well-known companies. The text presentation of information is concise and "dry", and the presence of a bright picture, animation always complements the content, making it interesting and attractive to the client.

Marketing agency in Israel and Ukraine is the promotion of your business in safe hands

Marketing is considered to be an effective and permanent way of interacting with the modern market. After all, consumer demand for a particular product directly depends on this method. Collaboration allows you to significantly increase the initial sales of goods, as well as provide assistance in the process of building a competitively worthy and strong brand.

In Israel and Ukraine, there are quite a few marketing agencies that help firms and enterprises to actively develop and replenish their own client base. The priority of our company is to help and support small and medium-sized businesses, which most of all need development.

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